Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shopping in NZ - Blue

Autumn is rearing it's head and soon enough we'll be spending a lot more time indoors, for that reason I've decided to decorate our home and make it pretty and cosy fot winter.
As an avid reader of many design blogs I see so many lovely things but sometimes I get disappointed when I see something I really like but cannot find it in NZ, shipping from overseas can easily mount to more then the value of the goods and that is if they ship to God's own.
So here's a collection of beautiful items from NZ shops, whether you buy online or from a brick and mortar shop I hope this inspires you to decorate your home with beautiful things.

fleur ice cream dish opal - sky blue from Nest
The National Grid Issue 5 from Endemic World
Mantel frame range from Nest
Typhoon Pantone Tea Towels Blue from Living and Giving
Cupcake Tea cosy from Living and giving
posy lantern turquoise from Nest
Ceramic vase from Nest
Metal classic flower clock from Iconic
Blue Spotty Quilted European Pillowcase from Wallace Cotton
Rockpool dinnerware from Nest
Retro Table lamp from Iconic
Wallflower magnet board from Endemic World (made by Leila Loves Handmade)
Swallow cups from Nest

Decorate and Enjoy

Emily XO